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Marks & Spencer wanted to improve their internal communications network and make it more dynamic. Their initial idea was to build a new public-facing intranet using social media updates to help solve some existing communication issues. However this wouldn’t have allowed them to include other items on their wish list such as mass document sharing and uploading, content streams working in silos, governance, and improved navigation and search tools.

They decided to replace their current staff intranet with a Microsoft SharePoint platform and we were chosen to make it happen.

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A user centered solution

A user centered solution

To help Marks & Spencer create and launch a fully user-centred stores portal we needed to speak to store staff first-hand. We were then able to create priority personas, user journeys, and hone the overall user requirements. We performed several card sort activities where we asked users to participate in the sorting and grouping of content into logical clusters. We did this by creating cards that needed to be organised and grouped and online – this helped us to define a user-led information architecture and navigation. And as part of building their SharePoint responsive site, we also worked on the design and development of the front end and back end.

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Leading the way

Leading the way

The new M&S Stores Portal has been recognised as a huge achievement internally, with the headquarters’ intranet, ‘M&S Corporate’, and other areas of the business keen to follow the same approach.

We’re currently working to define a fully personalised, cross-business platform built on SharePoint. It will offer many benefits in terms of employee communication including integration with Yammer, collaboration and knowledge sharing, and self-service tools.

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