The role of the Product Owner in Scrum

09 December, 2017 by Conor McRitchie

This article aims to provide an insight into the role and responsibilities for Product Owners in Scrum.

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Kanban or TOC, which came first?

14 October, 2017 by Peter Pito

I recently ran an Introduction to Kanban training session for my work colleagues. I have started with Kanban origins, talking about how Toyota started studying supermarkets and customers shopping behaviour in supermarkets.

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Building a more secure loT

17 July, 2017 by Aashish Upmanyu

In a game of word association with some of the top executives in the world, there are good odds that the word “loT” will be followed with “Security”. This should not be surprising; top executives are wired to think about reward and risk simultaneously. It's just that “loT" has become synonymous with massive rewards but of course, it also brings with it massive risks, some of which are Cyber risks. Cyber risk here means any risk where the source is due to “connected-ness” to a network (in the technical sense), which most times is likely to be the Internet.

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The Connected Supply Chain comes to Life!

25 May, 2017 by Patrick Parfrey

After months of hard work, lively debates, early mornings fuelled by caffeine and late nights fuelled by pizza, the final touches to the Connected Supply Chain experience have been made. This immersive experience follows the story of a coffee cherry, from bean to cup, and highlights how existing and emerging technologies are disrupting traditionally linear supply chains and business models. It provides an in-depth look at each stage of the supply chain and showcases the power of sharing relevant data between parties, helping each other to optimise processes and decrease risks.

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The Connected Store

15 May, 2017 by Miran Shah

Deloitte Digital hosted their Connected Store event in May and it was a huge success. With the aim of making people think, the goal of each session is to help retailers visualise what digital transformation means for them. By creating customer and employee journeys enabled by a range of digital technologies and showing how it would work in a real store, we brought the experience to life. The connected store is not a ‘one size fits all’ proposition. It is about demonstrating a rich experience of how retail is evolving and thinking beyond the technology to open strategic discussions around what this change means to retailers.

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