With over 4,500 employees in the UK, Swinton’s retail platforms are vital to the day-to-day running of the company. The platform generates insurance quotes and provides other services to customers but was in desperate need of an upgrade to help the business achieve a cohesive and seamless user experience.

So they approached us to design a brand new platform. Handling hundreds of customer quotes and queries required an exceptional solution. So our UX, creative and front-end development teams worked closely with Swinton to identify the problems with the current system, reinforce the brand and perform a visual refresh that was engaging, practical and innovative.

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  • Swinton logo

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Research Is Key

Research Is Key

Using our unique User Design methodology, we used a variety of different UX techniques to explore stakeholder and user requirements, ensuring we identified the full range of user needs.

We ran workshops, undertook contextual enquiries and interviews to understand what the end users needed. Once we’d gathered all the information we came up with 10 clear UX design principles that we would implement when building the platform prototype.

The next step was to create storyboards for the end user and get their thoughts on our initial designs. After more positive feedback, we were ready to create the prototype.

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“Guys, well done. This is great. We need to show this to our key stakeholders in Swinton and also present it back to the users.”

Ian Chapple, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Creative Design and High Res Prototype

Creative Design and High Res Prototype

Using Swinton’s new branding guidelines our creative team produced a simple design based on the wireframes and feedback we got from user research. Using our creative and technical expertise from across the Deloitte Digital network, we have created a high-res HTML prototype for that will be used as a framework for the development of the NRP and other systems internally.

What will this do for in house?

Swinton want to provide their customers with the best service possible and this new system will help them provide that. Our design will improve the experience of the NRP users and simplify the user flows. This will bring higher productivity for branch and call centre staff, that will translate into better customer experience.