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When sales teams all round the world need to edit and track heaps of information on the go – on and offline - you wonder why an app hasn’t been created to make their lives easier. We wondered that too, but instead of ignoring it, we decided to act.

Pocketsales Lite is just a taste of the awesome power of offline Salesforce synchronisation in our award winning Pocketsales Call Execution suite of apps.

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The challenge

The challenge

Here at Deloitte Digital we set ourselves the challenge of creating and building a mobile app that solved a problem facing sales teams all over the world: Salesforce mobility.

Our team understood that sales people frequently travel to meet customers and take their orders but are often unable to access information due to little or no signal. Now, thanks to our innovation and skills, we have created Pocketsales, a free, simple and dynamic app, that makes Salesforce available any place, any time.

The process

The process

We looked to develop an app with a strong brand identity and ground-breaking technology to allow sales people to update and edit data on the go, stress free. Using all our experience and expertise accumulated by working on various mobile, offline and sync frameworks over the last two years we were able to come up with inventive and creative solutions to solve the restrictions sales persons encounter on the road.

So our guys set about ensuring sales organisations could update everything whether on a plane, down a cellar or on the moon. The end result is hugely successful robust, well-built and good looking app. Now, with just a few taps sales teams can update opportunities, accounts and sales on or offline with any changes syncing automatically.

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Key benefits

Key benefits

As a salesperson you can:

Switch between Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts with ease
View and update sales entries, stages, values, probability and other custom information anywhere
Track and place sales

Other features

Able to sync and manipulate data offline
Any changes automatically update across all platforms when back online
Supports both Android and iOS7
Organisations can customise app to suit their needs

Pocketsales Lite is available in the App Store or on Google Play. Please visit the FAQs for more information.

Did you know that Pocketsales is also an award winning suite of call execution applications?

To find out about what we can do with mobile and Salesforce, contact us today at pocketsales@deloitte.co.uk.