Creating exceptional Digital experiences on moments of truth

Ethias, a Belgian insurance company, realized that the way their customers interact with enterprises today has drastically changed. Analysis showed a sheer increase of mobile traffic by their customers over the last years. Instead of waiting how this trend would impact them, they decided to take matters in their own hands and work with Deloitte Digital in order to turn this evolution into an opportunity for Ethias and their customers.

After thoroughly analyzing the customers’ journeys, we agreed to design and build a state-of-the-art application that would help Ethias’ customers turn a painful administrative process – declaring a claim after a car accident – into a compelling digital experience.

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Building that win-win customer journey

Building that win-win customer journey

It’s not just about developing an app. We wanted to build an exceptional customer journey that would benefit both Ethias and their customers. Lucky customers rarely get into contact with their car insurance company. However when they do, it often concerns the stressful process where a claim needs to be declared. We found that this ‘moment of truth’ had a great potential for improvement through an app seen the need for contractual info, localization, pictures and form submission.

From Ethias’ side, our business case showed that digital claim submission lead to significant cost savings due to reduced processing times and higher data quality. Moreover the app was an excellent way to boost their image as innovative insurance provider, and get closer to their customers.

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Real-time claim declaration in 5 easy steps

Real-time claim declaration in 5 easy steps

We wanted to make the claim declaration process as easy as possible for the customer. To accomplish this, we leveraged the extensive possibilities of a mobile application.

We foresaw the following 5 step approach:

  • Assess the situation (digital form)
  • Localize the accident (geo-localization)
  • Take pictures of damages, surroundings, form (camera)
  • Indicate damage on the car (digital template)
  • Validate personal information (prefilled data)

Connecting to customers

Since an insurance company usually rarely has contact with their customers, we wanted to leverage the app as a personalized communication channel as well. In order to increase the number of customer touch points, we included nice features such as:

  • direct access to Ethias car towing service
  • product visits
  • certified repairers
  • contact information & office addresses

Additionally, we also enabled Ethias to send personalized push messages through the app in order to notify their customers on (local) promotions, tips to prevent accidents, alerts to change tyres, etc.