Digital Maturity


How digital are you?

Digital disruption is both uniquely exciting and uniquely daunting to leaders in every sector. Organisations that thrive are typically those that embrace change and proactively adapt their products, services and internal operations to stay ahead of the competition. With so many competing areas for attention, it can be difficult to determine how to prioritise and focus your effort and resources.

Take our Digital Maturity survey to help you understand where your existing strengths lie from a digital perspective and highlight which capabilities you may need to develop further in order to truly modernise and transform your organisation for future.

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The Digital Maturity survey is structured around 5 key themes:


1. Strategy and leadership: 

"Do we have the right vision and strategy for digital, along with the leadership and focus required to support this vision?"


2. Customer engagement: 

"Do we have the right approach to understanding and communicating with our customers to succeed in the digital environment?"


3. Products and Services: 

"Do we have the right products and services and the ability to develop, manage, and provide them effectively?"


4. Organisation and Talent: 

"Do we have the right people, talent, skills and knowledge to support our vision, products and services?"


5. Digital Operations: 

"Do we have the right processes, controls and digital technologies to support the operations of the organisations?"