The State of eCommerce

20 October, 2015 by Admin

Deloitte online innovation, recently released a report outlining the state of eCommerce. They analysed Europe’s top 200 online retailers on 140 eCommerce capabilities.

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What’s next for second screen experiences?

22 September, 2015 by Paul Heathcote

A couple of stories in the news this week started me thinking about the so-called “second screen”. Most of the news has been about the diversion of eyeballs away from the main screen (i.e., the TV) by social media and the web, and the impact this could be having on the effectiveness of linear TV advertising. The opportunities typically discussed focus on delivery of related content (read: advertising) to the second screen.

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Winning in online retail by creating urgency

27 July, 2015 by Admin

We all have online retailers that we love to use, but recently an online user experience stood out to me when booking a hotel. This popular hotel booking site impressed me with their ability to create urgency. It made me wonder whether any of the features I identified could be transferred to create urgency in online retail shopping experiences.

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Jesse, we need to code: Parallels between Meth and Mobiles.

09 June, 2015 by Ed Greig

Viewers have loved AMC's Breaking Bad, for the writing, the acting, the visuals, the cookery tips, and now the climactic 8 episodes are coming to an end. What many people don't know is that Vince Gilligan's tale of a suburban chemistry teacher's descent into violence and criminality is actually a commentary on the moral maze of modern web design. Let us explain, but before we do be warned that if you haven't seen the series and are planning to (you should be), there may be spoilers ahead.

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We live in an increasingly mobile-centric world

08 June, 2015 by Admin

It’s only the first week of July, yet John Lewis CEO Andy Street is already talking about a mobile Christmas. This reflects on both retailers’ obsession with the key Christmas trading period, and on the increasing importance of mobile technology as both a driver of online and in-store sales.

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