Anti-Valentine’s Day

07 October, 2014 by Admin

Personally I think you are missing the point if you do something romantic for your ‘valentine’ on this day; I find planning romantic love on a specific date not so romantic. I just can’t do something from the heart on schedule. But I have respect for people who can. The token of love is also obviously driven by marketing efforts to sell cards, flowers and other ‘romantic’ gifts. And since it is so obvious, I refuse to do anything for my love on this day out of principle. Expectations are the source of disappointment. Better to do something spontaneous when there are no expectations at all. And that is also much more romantic in my view. That is why I do like Singles’ Day as a sort of anti-Valentine’s Day. It makes you feel good as a single and the marketing takes away the guilt of just buying something for yourself that you really want but don’t actually need. And there is no expectation-gap because you buy something for you. You can’t go wrong here. And you have to admire the way that the Alibaba marketeers have taken over and blown this day up to gigantic proportions. Last Singles’ Day their sales in a single day was 9.3 billion dollars. Yes, 9 with 9 zeros. Real dollars. And that in a special way brings me to the topic of effective online-marketing, -sales, -dating, getting intimate, privacy and security

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