Deloitte Digital sponsors the Adobe Summit 2013

09 November, 2015 by Patrick Johnston

We are proud to be platinum sponsors of the Adobe Summit 2013 which is happening in London this week (April 24th and 25th). The Summit promises to be an exciting event giving all attendees an opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs and innovators who continue to push the boundaries in digital marketing and advertising.

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Deloitte Digital Policing Hackathon 2015

15 September, 2015 by Max Worth

Who said the Police aren’t digital and innovative?! On Tuesday 15th September 2015, three gallant teams of Police Forces joined up with Deloitte Digital creatives to prove that not only can they catch bad guys, but they can create mind-blowing mobile apps in the space of just two days.

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Internet Liberum

04 August, 2015 by Admin

We have a passion for the open Internet and that’s why we support the Loey awards. Internet based business models are a source of growth. Society advances by linking people across borders and cultures, sharing knowledge and the free flow of information. This year the awards are presented in one of the world’s most beautiful museums: the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Its renovation took a while but the result is superb: the Netherlands at its best. An excellent location to laureate the country’s best Internet entrepreneurs.

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Hack the Brain with LSE

27 April, 2015 by Dimitry Ivanov

At 18:00 a few Fridays ago, as Audrius was finishing his burrito, Ed and I were gathering the required tools and packing them in a large, plastic container. At 18:15, Audrius arrived with his associate and the four of us promptly entered a black vehicle. Destination: Somerset House. Objective: Hack the Brain.

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The potential of APIs - Bristol CIO event

12 March, 2015 by Paul Heathcote

We ran a fantastic event for CIOs at our Bristol office last week. The topic was digital business, and we had a very thought-provoking talk from Johnny Lennon on the power of the API. There were some astonishing stats on the explosion of APIs on the Web since 2005 and we had a good discussion on the pros and cons of opening up access to external data.

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