Mashing things together

10 February, 2015 by Kamal Wood

Here at Deloitte Digital we really value innovation creativity and collaborative working which is why we created Deloitte Digital Mashup days!

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Mash-up Day

27 August, 2014 by Admin

Mash-up days are fast becoming a tradition in Deloitte Digital UK, with details from our April session soon to be posted.

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Deloitte Digital Belfast Studio

04 March, 2014 by Roger Busby

Now Open for Business!

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Deloitte Digital London moves home

05 January, 2014 by Grant Bilkus

The London branch of Deloitte Digital has a new home! We’ve moved from Deloitte HQ in Blackfriars, to our own studio a 10 minute stroll away in Farringdon.

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Chameleon Content: Words That Adapt

08 August, 2013 by Clare Camp

Today, marketers are pursuing the omni-channel dream – focusing on the customer experience as a whole, rather than looking at it channel by channel. At Deloitte Digital we see content as becoming increasingly personalised, where it knows us so well, it can predict what we’ll want next. As a content specialist I’m particularly interested in the nuts of bolts of how this will work, and the impact on copywriting.

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